This is an in-depth track-by-track guide describing every technique and shortcut in the game. It is meant to be useful for every player, from those just starting to those already experienced. Each technique or shortcut is ranked by difficulty using ctr4ever’s Updated Standards, from Beginner techniques and shortcuts easily available to newcomers, to GOD or even GOD+ techniques that haven’t even been successfully done by anyone yet, but are proven to work thanks to Tool Assisted Speedruns (TAS).

The techniques are listed from the order from easiest to hardest. If your level is Advanced, the techniques rated Advanced or less should be at your level, while higher rated techniques might be too difficult to pull off at the moment. Of course, this is just an indication, and you shouldn’t take this rating too seriously.

Crash Cove

Roo’s Tubes

Tiger Temple

Coco Park

Mystery Caves

Blizzard Bluff

Sewer Speedway

Dingo Canyon

Papu’s Pyramid

Dragon Mines

Polar Pass

Cortex Castle

Tiny Arena

Hot Air Skyway

N.Gin Labs

Oxide Station

Slide Coliseum

Turbo Track