recommended version: PAL (Titan player or above), NTSC (Hero or below)
recommended character: Fast

Difficulty: Beginner

This shortcut can be taken 100% of the time. Just jump when you are in the water, close to the edge of the lake (but not too close). It requires luck to be taken fast. In the lap you can take it by jumping, but in the course, you’ll want to do a mid-air (hold R1 and press left) to make more reserves (Difficulty: Advanced). If you take it really fast in your best lap, you can make one or two froggy jumps after it (Difficulty: Master). Make sure you exit the SC to the left of the red sign to cut better, try to jump above water as much as possible.

Saffi fire

Difficulty: Intermediate

On this track you can just make reserves for two laps and drive the best lap in the third, or even make reserves in the SL, cutting wide on the pirate ship at the end, and have two best lap attempts. You don’t need saffi fire if you can boost well. If your boosting isn’t perfect yet and you want to make sure not to lose reserves, you can make saffi fire by turning around and completing laps in the wrong way until you get saffi. You can turn around again without crashing at the pond area (beware of the totem pole and the bridge wooden pillars!)

Froggy in the last uphill

Difficulty: Intermediate

In your best lap, just froggy from the uphill start until just before the end to save 0″05. Make sure you have enough reserves if you attempt it in the last lap of the course, if not you’ll need to make at least one or two turbos.

Cornering with short turbos

Difficulty: Intermediate

In order to better take the last corner, you’ll want to make one semi-short turbo, which will help make your kart turn better and follow the wall more closely. Note you can also do this at the first corner if you absolutely have to, but it is better to make full turbos there.

Small Downhill SG

Difficulty: Advanced

There are two ways to take it, one in the SL, doing a mid-air, and in the laps, jumping into the downhill. Because it’s not a big downhill, the SG is quite weak, but you can still make froggy after it until the next curve. This froggy gets stuck often in PAL.

making 2 or 3 turbos after the start?

Difficulty: Expert

That is a question you should ask yourself once you master the small downhill SG in the SL. 2 long turbos gives more reserves and is easier. 3 semi-long turbos (or 2 long and 1 short) with a wider trajectory is faster, because you reach yellow fire sooner, but you get less reserves because of the short turbos, and the trajectory can be difficult to find for new players.

Propulsion after the bridge (OLD)

Difficulty: Master

Jump down from the bridge onto the small sandy uphill. Try to land immediately above the water, and bounce when you land. If you’re lucky, you will make a big bounce with a weak SG and can make a few froggy jumps after it. That SG is even weaker in the SL, the pointer probably won’t even reach max. When you land from the propulsion, you can make a short froggy stop to increase SG, although it doesn’t work every time, especially if your SG is weak.

Note: you have to land just above the water. Land in the water and you’ll be considerably slowed down.

Also note: this technique is deprecated in PAL unless you combine it with the edge SG on the bridge, but is still the best technique in NTSC.

Propulsion after the bridge (NEW)

Difficulty: Hero

This technique doesn’t work in NTSC, only works in PAL. It was discovered by oxide the best in 2009 (and showed later by Platinum) that instead of jumping from the bridge, you can simply drop off it without jumping. The rest goes the same, but the SG is more powerful in this way, so you can froggy longer. It is still a luck technique. The downside is that it’s more difficult to aim for the bottom of the sand hill without jumping, especially in the SL. Because you want to froggy longer in the SL, you actually need to make 2 turbos on the bridge in the SL, so before you finish the second turbo you have to sharply turn left to drop yourself, finish the turbo in the air and land. In the 2nd and 3rd lap, one turbo on the bridge is enough.

Bridge Edge SG

Difficulty: Titan

This was discovered by accident by Justin Zimmermann in 2009 with a wrong technique, and showed that it could be utilised with a good technique by Tapi in 2015. Before you jump on the bridge, try to go a little bit more to the right, then jump and try to hit the edge of the bridge with your right back wheel when you land, froggying immediately after it. You can get a very powerful SG this way, but the speed of the SG varies a lot, and it requires incredible luck and precision to be able to pull that off. Most of the time you will fall in the water or hit the edge badly and lose sacred. You can try to combine this SG with the old propulsion after the bridge (Difficulty: GOD+), but it’s so hard to land low enough that it hasn’t been done without TAS yet. You can also try to get multiple edge SGs on the bridge (Difficulty: GOD+), but again, it has never been done by a human, although people have been able to get edge SGs from different positions on the bridge, especially at the very end, where it was formerly known as Crash Cove’s bug (discovered by Sam Bennett in 2008, used by V4E in a 25″25 WR, done in video for the first time by Fernando Mingroni).

Ramp SG

Difficulty: GOD +

TAS have shown that it’s possible to get an edge SG on the ramp before the SC, but it’s probably too hard for a human and loses a lot of time if you don’t get the SG because you have to cut badly. If you get it, you can froggy after it, and take the SC with full speed.